Business Credit Overview

Business credit is a track record of a business’s financial responsibility that companies, investors, or financial organizations use to determine whether that business is a good candidate to borrow money or do business with.

Strong business credit can help you grow your business. Most companies need to reflect strong business credit scores and indexes to stay relevant in their industry, compete on jobs, and gain desirable payment terms or loans. Credit scores are generated based on information collected by the credit bureaus. And according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), insufficient or delayed financing is the second most common reason for business failure.

North Shore Advisory provides business credit repair, business credit monitoring and business credit building services. Our business credit repair and monitoring services are a solution for firms who find their business credit to be poor or those who just want to insure they continue remaining at the top tier credit status. We also have business credit services for company’s who have not yet established positive business credit profiles and those who do not even have a file set up.

Business Credit Repair

Business Credit Repair programs fix, change, correct, and delete information that is hurting your business credit reports. It’s common for incorrect data to land on business reports. The unregulated nature of business credit means it’s more likely for information to get mixed up. While fixing business credit doesn’t happen overnight, there are steps we can take with you right now to get the process started and the results you need so you can grow your business!

Business Credit Monitoring & Credit Bureaus

Business credit monitoring services are the monitoring of a business’s credit history. Largely used as a method to determine a company’s ability to pay its debts, this type of monitoring/tracking can help credit grantors determine the creditworthiness of a business. The use of these reports varies and may range from protecting against suspected fraud to assessing business performance.

Businesses are fluid and rapidly changing; a business that may seem secure one day can become a risk overnight. While a single business credit report is just a snapshot in time, monitoring business credit over time provides a much wider perspective on a business. There are three major business credit bureaus – Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), Experian, and Equifax, as well as, several smaller agencies. When the commercial credit reporting bureaus are sent information on a business, a profile is created. Once there is enough data generated, business credit scores and indexes are generated.

When we deliver business credit monitoring services, we will watch the business credit profiles daily, if negative information appears our team will work to remove it.

Building Business Credit

Building business credit means consistently demonstrating your ability to pay back any money you borrow for your business. Your goal is to prove to creditors and lenders that you can responsibly manage debt. Establishing business credit is an important step for any new small business and helps you to:

(1) maintain a credit history separate from your personal credit history and experience the benefits of having good business credit

(2) demonstrate separation between owners and the business.

North Shore Advisory offers an advanced business credit building program where our in-house business credit experts will work to build business credit and offer one-on-one guidance with companies as to what they need to do to deliver a strong commercial credit profile.

We Offer Competitive Rates For Our Business Credit Services

Our fees are charged based on the amount of information that needs to be repaired, corrected, and/or built. Cost will depend on how many business credit agencies we are working on, the amount of negative information, and the length of time your account manager feels it will take to restore each business credit report. To provide an accurate quote and give the best feedback, we need to see a copy of the reports. By analyzing each report, we can give you educated feedback on how long the process will take and our likelihood for success.

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