Personal Credit Restoration

How The Credit Repair Process Works

We will evaluate what can be done to improve and change the information on your credit profile that is reducing your credit scores.  Even the smallest changes can make the difference and bring better pricing on financing depending on the individual credit profile.  We have worked with clients from both ends of the spectrum including those who have gone to bankruptcy and those with only one delinquency.  

In order to provide you with a full credit analysis, our team of experts asks that you first provide us with your credit reports and scores. We do not pull the initial credit reports and scores since third party credit reviews can reduce credit scores.  Using our directions you can purchase your reports/scores without hurting your credit.

Our Unique Credit Repair Approach:

  • A FICO Certified Professional credit expert will give you a thorough forensic credit analysis. You will be provided with free feedback and advice to let you know if you qualify for our program.

  • Should you choose to move forward and hire us, we will set up a series of strategies based on knowledge, intelligence, and the laws to maximize the chances of successful score improvement.  We are not a dispute factory company generating computer created generic letters.

  • Each client file is assigned to an executive; a FICO Certified Professional credit expert negotiator and his/her team of assistants.

  • Clients have access to our Educational Credit Site where they will learn the rules of credit, tips, and tricks to increase scores through the correct management.

  • Clients will be updated as information changes and scores improve.  

  • Lending professionals working with clients will also be updated on client files with client permission.

For many clients, debt negotiation and credit building will be part of the credit repair process.  After the initial analysis and review, if these services are needed we will provide you with the details of how the process will work.

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