To the team at North Shore Advisory:

OMG my client’s FICO score is now a 787!!

He got conditionally approved for the loan. His score went from the mid-600’s to a 787 in 30-60 days! Great job!!

Thank you,

Jacqueline Frank , Guaranteed Rate


Thank you so very much for taking the time to assist me with a very important financial matter. You are extremely professional and knowledgeable about many areas in the financial industry.
Surprisingly and far exceeding my expectations you were able to offer me several options in regards to handling things.

I am in a much better position through your efforts and guidance.

All the best!!!


Larry Goldschlager, Halstead Property

Thanks so much for the analysis and great recommendation. I’ve been so impressed with what your company does. I have given out your name in the past and will continue to do so.


David Welling, Senior Lending Officer, Citibank

Dear Tracy and Team,

My husband Jon and I wanted to write to your team with many thanks for the service you provided us during our home purchasing experience.

When Jon and I started the process to purchase our new home for us and our three boys, we never expected to run into a problem on our credit report. We felt we were diligent in keeping up with our scores, what was reported, and with noticing any errors. When we were faced with a significant credit reporting error that was going to make buying our home impossible, we were completely discouraged and felt helpless.

From the first moments we contacted your firm, Tracy, you were responsive, knowledgeable, and although helped to set aside our fears, did it in a way that also gave us realistic expectations which we needed. Your entire team went above and beyond to communicate the entire process we were about to embark on and answered every question speedily and with such patience. At a time when we were in a full panic, you helped assuage those fears with the confidence we needed to hear. As clients who were working under such tight time regulations, we felt like you consistently put our case at the top of your priority list and worked diligently until the matter was resolved.

With the help of you and your team, you repaired a credit reporting error that we thought was unfix-able. It is with great thanks and appreciation that we are now able to move our children into their first official home to start this holiday season. We couldn’t be more grateful.

We hope to never need your service in our future but can’t wait for the opportunity to pass along your name and business to anyone we know who may also need your experience and expertise in any of their financial needs.

Please enjoy your holiday season.


Mr. & Mrs. Forker

Tracy is a valuable resource for information about credit. Her services are particularly important for today’s world where credit is such a vital component of any real estate transaction.

Dottie Herman , CEO, Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Dear North Shore Advisory, Inc.,

The professionalism, courtesy, and speed with which you dispatched your skillful clean up of my credit was remarkable. Everyone that I dealt with at North Shore Advisory was helpful and informed and there were no surprises regarding the proposed fees. If only more businesses operated in a similar fashion.

Thank you.

Mike Bennett

The wonderful, professional staff at North Shore Advisory, Inc. worked with me to restore my credit when I was applying for a home mortgage and discovered that my credit scores were below where they needed to be to secure the loan. During a highly stressful time for me I sought great comfort in the fact that I had this skilled, knowledgeable team working on my behalf. In addition to their expertise in systematically raising my score they provided a sophisticated level of emotional intelligence and awareness of what was at stake for me personally and responded in kind. They were patient and calm when responding to my almost daily phone calls. They made me feel that my mortgage was as important to them as it was for me. What might have been a potentially embarrassing, shameful situation turned into a shared partnership with a mutual goal. I am deeply grateful for all of the dedication they demonstrated and I highly recommend them.

Annie Perrin

Just had my credit run and the following scores were reported: 783, 787, 758

Not sure which is which but they rose significantly after you addressed the two issues on my credit score so I wanted to say thank you for being so effective in helping an honest and responsible person such as myself restore their credit. I want to thank Lyle for recommending your firm.

Best Regards,

Marc Rutstein, ECMS

We tried North Shore Advisory, Inc. to clean up items which have been adversely affecting our D & B credit rating. The improvements in all D & B metrics were almost immediate, substantial, and continuing. The principals at North Shore worked with us to come to an agreement that was acceptable to all and remain responsive to our inquiries whether or not they fall in strict definition of the work they were assigned. We continue to see improvement on a regular basis even the low hanging fruit has been eliminated from our history. We are happy with our choice of North Shore Advisory, Inc. as a credit management firm, and would recommend them to any prospective client without reservation.

JB , Controller Accessory Company

Due to several inaccuracies, my business credit rating was in shambles. Within a matter of weeks after enlisting the aid of North Shore Advisory, Inc. , it rose to a 92, with no effort on my part. This was my first interaction with a credit repair firm, and I can’t say enough about North Shore. Tracy handled my business case personally, and supervised the work on my personal case. She is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Credit education is an additional service, and is provided free of charge. The price was very reasonable for the amount of tedious work and time that I imagine goes into dealing with credit agencies. I highly recommend Tracy and her firm.

Alan Raymond , MD

Well, this was a first! I was referred to North Shore Advisory, Inc. by my mortgage broker to increase my credit score. After sending my report to Tracy Becker & the North Shore Advisory team, they informed me that my credit score was pretty good (over 700), and if I wanted to increase it I only had to make a couple of minor adjustments/payments to credit card balances I had open. They took the time to explain my report in detail, and then informed me that since my credit was already pretty good there would be no charge for the advice! Where does that happen now-a-days!!! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Rest assured I will be referring anyone with credit issues or inquiries to NorthShoreAdvisory.com
Well Done!

Michael C. Orza, CEO, WEBAIR.COM

You can’t imagine what a relief it is to work with the cheerful and friendly people at North Shore Advisory, Inc. They were focused on the case and nothing seemed impossible for them. While they were fixing my credit issues, they also taught me how to avoid this sort of problem again and gave me excellent advice on how to manage a credit rating. My anxiety creating problem was solved very quickly and with no added anxiety – and they are such lovely people to work with that it was a pleasure to talk to them. Thank You

Alexandra Peters

Hi All, I think we were all impressed by Tracy Becker’s credit words at our sales meeting on Monday. She is also exceptional in her actions. She was able to resolve the reporting of the collection in less than a week and my client was thrilled. He has an AO on a $1.45m property and financing was not going to work out due to an incorrect recent collection account. Because of her knowledge of credit disclosure laws, Tracy accomplished the impossible. Well done Tracy,

Patrick MaCarthy , Luxury Mortgage Corp.


I wanted to thank you for your recent help. In my 19 years as a mortgage professional, I was extremely impressed with how fast you delivered positive results. You and your team are true professionals who exceed expectations. I will highly recommend North Shore Advisory to friends, colleagues, and borrowers. Again, thanks for your help.

Ray, Senior Manager of Retail Loan Production, Astoria Federal Savings

GREAT NEWS, my clients FICO score jumped up from 692 to 746!!!! Tracy & you guys are the BEST!

Daniel Marcuccio, Citibank Mortgage Banker

Dear Dottie,

One of the joys of my mornings on Saturday is to listen to your radio show and learn more about real estate and related topics. Currently we are trying to sell our home here in Glen Cove. I always find your topics and guest speakers quite interesting and always come away with some great tip or help in some way. About a year ago I had an issue with a utility company that made quite an impact on my credit reports and score. I tried to no avail to get this removed but was met with barriers of all kinds. That was until I heard Ms. Tracy Becker on your show. With so many crazy advertisements heard on TV and Radio all the time to help your repair this and fix that, your show along with Tracy’s commentary on credit repair was enough for me. I immediately called her office and signed up to get the help I needed. I was met with courtesy, intelligence and most of all a deep concern to help me. In fact, Tracy talked to me on most occasions to assure me and guide me through the process of fixing my credit. I am happy to report that just in a few months, her team turned my difficult situation to now having a complete removal of the negative action from this utility. As you mention all the time, good credit is so vital to the sale of your home and moving on. I will continue to be an avid listener of your show and would hope you make Ms. Becker a continued part of it. Thank you for your time.

Sonny Crane

Dear NSA Team,

I would like to thank Tracy and her team for all the diligent and excellent work that you have done to help me resolve outstanding issues with Chase and Wells Fargo. You did a great job and I will gladly recommend you to anyone requiring help with their credit score. Sincerely,

V. Oelsner

Thank you for a job done well and quickly. My borrower’s middle score is up 84 points to a 750 from a 666. This makes all the difference in today’s environment as you know. Thanks again and I’m sure we will work together in the future. I will also spread the word in the company about the work you do.

Steven J. Weinsoff, Vice President, Mortgage Lending Service

My wife and I just got our approval for our condo purchase. Closing on Feb 22nd. Absolutely no way this is possible without your hard work and expertise!! Thanks so much!!!!

Adam Cohen , Mortgage Loan Officer, New View Mortgage Corporation

Thank you for all your hard work and diligent follow up. Tracy you and your staff are awesome that’s why I always have and always will refer you. Sincerely,

Robert H. Bram , Luxury Mortgage

I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant presentation yesterday at the Montclair office of Remax. The feedback was awesome. You were without a doubt, one of their best speakers. The information you imparted is vital to assisting them in “setting them apart” from other agents. Their office manager asked that I try to set up another date with you to attend a separate meeting for the Short Hills office and for the other agents that did not attend this meeting. Again, great job and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jacqui Atcheson , Senior Loan Originator, Real Estate Mortgage Network

Just wanted to take a moment to thank the staff at North Shore Advisory, Inc.! They did an AMAZING job with my client, and I would highly recommend them! My clients score went from a 661 to a 737. I was able to reprice the rate and save my borrower almost $200/month. If you have any clients who need credit repair, please use North Shore Advisory—they are super stars, and start to finish, it only took about 4 weeks (less than the amount of time for the client to get me his conditions).

Zack Tolmie , Home Lending Officer, Citibank

They say there are only 2 things in life you can count on. Death and Taxes! But they’re wrong. There are 3 things in life you can count on. Death, Taxes, and Tracy Becker at North Shore Advisory, Inc.! Tracy Becker, who consistently comes to the rescue in solving credit problems for her clients. For the past 20 years I have been recommending your credit restoration company to family and clients with what seems to be 100% positive results, with everyone I send you. It is true that credit is more important than money. I thank you for giving the folks I send you a second chance at getting back and maintaining a healthy credit profile! Sincerely Yours,

Joe Robles , Mid Island Mortgage Corp.


I wanted to thank you so much for taking time out of your day to speak to our employees today. That was the best response we’ve seen out of employees at a seminar so far and you could tell how much they learned and appreciated your expertise on credit. I will be sending an email to everyone who attended with some of the websites you addressed as well as the link to your site and your newsletters. Hopefully down the line we may be able to invite you back for a longer session solely on credit as I know it’s such an important topic.

Thanks Again,

Brooke Dunmore , HR Benefits Manager - Forbes Media LLC

It has been my dream to purchase a home for 20 years. Due to poor financial choices I made in my twenties, which continued to plague me in my thirties, and led to bankruptcy, I felt that I would never recover from my debt, nor have good credit. Years passed, and despite paying my bills on time and earning over $100,000 a year, my negative credit history would not improve and my credit scores were in the low 500’s. I was very discouraged and almost gave up. Tired of paying high rent for the past 10 years, I continued my quest for home ownership and tried to look for houses with owner financing or rent with the option to buy. I was willing to try anything. Many deals came and went, Everything changed the day I saw my dream home on line. It was a beautiful brand new 4,000 sq ft, home. When I met the seller, I was overjoyed when I found out he was willing to do owner financing, at a 6.5% interest rate. He was genuinely a good person that was willing to take a risk despite my bad credit history. We began working on acquiring financing through private sources. The terms of the contract was that I would be financed for a period of 2 years and then I was required to obtain my own mortgage. I was nervous given my credit score, I felt insecure that I would not be able to get my own mortgage.
Then, this past January, the seller called and told me about North Shore Advisory, Inc. Credit Restoration Company, and asked me to call as soon as possible to see how they could help. I called an North Shore Advisory rep, who was so helpful and friendly, as she expertly guided me through the application process. Within 5 weeks, North Shore Advisory, Inc. was successful in removing negative information from my credit report. I ordered my FICO scores and all 3 scores had gone up 100+ points. Trans Union and Equifax were now nearing 700’s. My scores had previously been in the low 500’s. I was in complete shock that I would have positive results in such short time. North Shore Advisory, Inc. did for me what I was unable to do in 10 years. Shortly after, my seller recommended Wells Fargo to obtain an FHA home loan. The entire process, from credit restoration to completing my mortgage application process took less than 9 weeks. I was approved!!!! My interest rate on my mortgage was 4.5%; initially it would have been a 6%. I still cannot believe what I have been able to accomplish, from where I was to where I am now. I am thrilled to report that I closed on my house. I even qualified for an American Express and Discover credit card. I never thought it was possible. Many thanks to North Shore Advisory, Inc. Credit Restoration; you made my dream come true.

Magaly Hicks

I have known Tracy for over 5 years and I have been greatly impressed by her exceptional talent at credit restoration/education. Tracy has an efficient way of handling people, especially when it comes to credit restoration; she possesses excellent communication skills and a genuine concern for others. Through the years that I have known Tracy, there have been several instances where she has proven her trustworthiness, dedication and reliability both inside and out of the workplace. The majorities of my clients are first-time home buyers and most are unaware of how important credit is until they apply for a mortgage. I refer all my credit challenged clients to Tracy Becker for credit restoration/education. The end results are outstanding as buyers end up qualifying for a mortgage and ultimately purchasing their dream home.

Vlora Shala , Senior Mortgage Loan Originator - Luxury Mortgage
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