Order Personal Credit Reports & Scores

Consumer FICO Credit Scores and Reports

Each individual’s credit is unique and in order for us to know whether we can help you or not, we will first need to see a copy of your credit reports and scores. Once we receive a copy and review your reports one of our specialists will reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Although many online sites offer credit scores and reports, it’s important to order the credit scores that lenders will actually use.  We request these scores/reports only because they have the most detailed and accurate information which allows us to better analyze your credit and they come with actual lending FICO scores used by banks.   It’s also important to note that FICO offers over 50 versions of credit scores. The product below will provide you with four or more versions of the scores when you purchase them.  The one nearest to what your mortgage banker uses is the one titled “mortgage lending” version so please keep that in mind when you are looking at these varied scores. 

It will not hurt your credit to purchase your scores and reports through FICO, be aware that pulling your own credit will not hurt your scores, it is only when a third party pulls your credit that a hard inquiry will be reported.

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