Business Credit Repair

Understanding the importance of Business Credit Repair

Business credit repair, also known as business credit restoration, involves the removal of late payments, establishment of new healthy accounts, correction of invalid information, and other work based on your situation and the bureau(s) in question. The world of business credit is not regulated like personal credit is – the reports are more complicated, and the credit reporting agencies do not have as many regulations to follow on how they record payment data. It’s important that you work with a highly skilled company when working to repair business credit.

Many business owners overlook the impact that credit can have on a loan application or existing line of credit. Poor or non-existent credit scores can lead to denial on financing, line renewal, vendor credit accounts, equipment leasing, insurance, and even job bids. Not only potential loans and renewal on lines are at risk but existing and potential partners can also walk away due to higher risk of working with poor credit companies. Once denied or rejected, business credit restoration is necessary to fix each report and reflect lower risk to those viewing it. Many companies need to constantly monitor and restore business credit to ensure future success.

The trick to great business credit

In order to have great credit you need a variety of accounts: commercial credit cards, vendor payment terms, and a business bank account, to name a few. Once the right accounts are established, used correctly, and reported to credit bureaus, you are on your way to a more graceful loan approval process. At that point applying for a small business loan, conventional loans, or invoice factoring can generate approvals. The management of your vendor accounts and payments is a crucial part of having great reports – even one small late payment can cause denial of a loan.

Each business credit component works with the other, like a puzzle, every piece needs to fit together to make the reports whole.  By building strong business credit and responsible payment patterns from the start of operations, you can avoid the need for business credit repair services.


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