Build Business Credit

What to Look for In a Business Credit Repair / Building Company?

They’re called business credit “specialists” or “experts” for a reason and you should turn to them before trying to solve your credit issues solo. Many business owners only turn to business credit experts when they have become desperate for a solution; maybe they were denied a business loan, their revolving credit limit was decreased, they were denied a government bid, or are having trouble landing that appointment with a major account. Whatever it is, many companies seek out help after the damage is already done and they are now being faced with the repercussions.

The process usually works like this: you’ll be asked to provide copies of your reports, there will be an initial consultation, where every detail of the business credit reports will be analyzed; information about their method, strategy, and timeline will be provided during this conversation. You should be set up with an account manager who will be your direct contact person – any company you work with should be transparent in nature, honest, and communicate with your team.

Look for a company that has a team of FICO Certified Professional credit negotiators who specialize in both personal and business credit repairbuilding, and monitoring, they have an in-depth understanding of the business credit reporting agencies. We use intelligence, laws, experience, and a hands-on approach to repair, build, manage, and monitor all three profiles. Each business credit report consists of a variety of scores and indexes that only the most seasoned professionals know how to fix, change, correct, and delete.

Businesses need to be more proactive – just because credit is not affecting you today does not mean it should be pushed off until tomorrow. Most businesses have a plan for eventual expansion and will need a strong and established business credit profile on their side to gain access to loans, leases, lines of credit, new partnerships/accounts, and government bids. Pushing your business credit down on your ‘to-do list’ is only going to further frustration when it comes time for growth.

Each business credit reports includes scores and indexes that are used to assess and predict a business’s financial standing and payment habits.

North Shore Advisory has 30 years of experience working to fix, correct, and monitor business credit profiles from all three of the major credit bureaus. These definitions were pulled from the Dun & Bradstreet website.