Credit Repair

How Do I Know If Credit Repair Is Right For Me?

It is hard to say if credit repair is right for you until we review your current credit reports and scores as well as understand the full scope of your situation and goals.  If we were to tell everyone with a credit issue that credit repair was right for them that would be like prescribing a medication to a patient over the phone without the doctor ever examining them.  This would be irresponsible and definitely not in the patients interest.

It Depends What Your Symptoms Are & How You Plan To Use Your Credit

When applying for a mortgage or buying a car on credit, financial institutions run a credit report. Even small improvements in credit scores can translate into savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of these loans.

Financial institutions calculate maximum payment the borrower can afford and use the FICO score as an indicator of risk level. When the borrower has a low FICO score the interest rate is much higher and will drive up the payments. This higher payment can mean the difference between qualifying to purchase your dream home, having to settle for a lower priced home, or being denied completely.

North Shore Advisory, Inc. has built its reputation by giving insight into what choices the credit repair seeker has while considering the whole situation. This includes current income, employment status, future goals, and the best use of funds available.

North Shore Advisory, Inc. is very passionate about providing individuals and businesses with the best options for future success. Some potential clients may not be ready for credit repair due to lack of funding, inability to stay current on future creditor payments, or the need to declare bankruptcy.

We are mindful of your time and money and once we gather the necessary information and analyze your credit profile, if it becomes clear that our services will not deliver success, we will immediately advise you of such.

We strive for excellence by educating and supplying information that can lead individuals and businesses to the best solution possible, even if we are not currently a part of it.


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