Earthquakes and Credit What Should you Know?

Living in New York it has been easy to feel distanced and protected from the idea of a real earthquake hitting the area. Yesterday I took a day off from work and went to the beach with my hubby. As we relaxed on the beach listening to the waves crashing against the sand, watching the umbrella shake from the wind, and the usual time to time bickering of a married couple, we suddenly felt the ground shaking.

Of course it was no big deal but maybe a warning sign for the future. What would happen if it had been worse and by house crashed to the ground or the building I work in fell apart? It would be enough just to deal with the disaster and confusion of dealing with picking up the pieces and the chaos that would ensue.

For me, I always like to have control of my payments to creditors. Even though I am set up for online payments I like to make the payment myself instead of having it happen automatically at the same time every month. After yesterday I will be setting it up to automatically occur just in case the future brings more of these strange occurrences. Why have take the chance of having delinquencies on my credit when I can take a defensive stance and insure that low scores won’t happen while I may be addressing so many other issues.

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