Credit Cards & Zip Codes

Why are we asked for our Zip Code when we make a credit card charge at a store?

Stores usually ask for a Zip Code during credit card purchases to gather more information about their customers. Linking people’s name and location with their purchases gives businesses a wealth of information to tailor marketing directly to their needs. While some people love this marketing, many do not want promotional offers and more junk mail piling up in their mail box. If you do not want these offers you can opt out by following the directions on the Federal Trade Commission’s website. The bad part of opting out is you do not have the opportunity to see what offers are available and you may miss something beneficial.

On the other hand, when a gas station requests a Zip Code it is strictly for the purpose of protecting us from ID Theft and Credit Card Fraud. There is no marketing or information collection going on. Be sure to always give your Zip Code to gas stations when it is requested.

Stop phone calls and email/mail offers.


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