Build Personal Credit


  • One of our FICO Certified expert credit staff members will analyze your unique credit profile asking you questions to learn about the history of each account, your credit goals, and time frame needed to meet those goals.
  • We will explain whether we feel we can help you and what program best suits your needs as well as the fees associated with it. We do not pressure you into anything. We feel once educated you can make the best decision for your future credit health.
  • If you decide to move forward we will send you a contract.
  • If we cannot help we will advise you as to what would be your next best step and when the timing would be right to circle back to us. We do not take clients with current financial problems since a new delinquency will drop scores dramatically. If clients have paid fees for success prior to the new delinquency they will be wasted. We do not want to add to a problem since our main goal is to help.
  • If a client has been through divorce, medical issues, or any trauma that has left them in a position where they have little to no open active credit we have programs that will help to build a full credit profile.
  • Once all documentation is received we will begin the process and your file will be assigned to an Expert Credit Negotiator or a team of Expert Credit Negotiators.  The only request we make of you during the process is to answer questions when needed, communicate with our team, send any paperwork received related to our work, pay your bills on time, and follow directions on our educational credit site.
  • Our programs give you access to educational credit site.  If you have opted for one of these programs you will have access to our educational credit site once we begin work  You will learn the many subtle and misunderstood rules of credit. Having excellent scores is not just about removing, updating, or correcting negative information that is inaccurate, it is also about being able to understand all of the factors involved in maintaining a high score while staying informed of current credit rules.

North Shore Advisory Inc. has successfully corrected:

  • charge offs
  • collections
  • judgments
  • tax liens
  • late payments
  • short sales
  • foreclosure
  • foreclosure process started
  • repossessions
  • settled accounts
  • bankruptcy
  • student loans

We are so confident in our ability to improve scores that our fee for personal credit repair is billed based on our success. The fee is billed per account, per report, as each account is updated positive. If NSA cannot make changes you will not be billed for repair. Our contract is open-ended and can be cancelled anytime.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a pressure free and service oriented environment. Our sophisticated restoration process is second to none and in many cases allows clients to see improvements within one to two weeks.  All our educational information is cutting edge and created by our team.  Since every consumer has a unique credit profile there is no one fits all method of success.


Call us today to discuss your situation (914) 524-8300 and together we can evaluate which program best suits your needs or visit our Contact Us form a credit expert will reach out to you within 24 hours.


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