Buyers and Mortgage Applicants

Reach out to your referral sources to gain buyers and mortgage applicants in 2014

There is a large segment of potential buyers, renters, as well as loan and lease applicants that are unaware of the opportunities unfolding since subprime financing has become more main stream. These consumers may pop out of the woodwork if professionals find ways to reach out to them. With the snow storms causing 2014 to get off to a disappointing start for many finance and real estate professionals this is an area that could develop into a major win for all involved. How do we find these individuals? One key avenue is email blasts. Sending short tips to your referral sources or partners including real estate attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, divorce attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, realtors, short sale specialists and more that offer education and insight can generate more business.


“Hi CPA Smith,

I hope you are well. Since it is tax season and you are meeting/speaking with current clients I wanted to give you cutting edge insight you can share with them. Many of your clients that in the past could not get approval for needed loans on a refinance or purchase due to economic hardship and poor credit scores many now be eligible:

• There has been an easing in credit score thresholds for loan approval.

• Mortgage approval is possible after economic hardship for those back on stable footing. Loan approval wait after short sales, ______________, foreclosures wait________________ , and bankruptcies_______________ .
Since rates are still historically low many of your clients that are now in a healthier financial positions may be able to partake in these record-low interest rates and gain opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. Please contact me directly if you would like to learn more about this or if you would like me to reach out to some of your clients directly.”

This is an example of ways in which you can generate more clients and show your referral sources and customer base that you are thinking outside of the box and offering valuable options. Even those who are not interested will be impressed with your knowledge and expertise. Tips like these can be edited to generate business from any referral source as well as your existing customer base. You can send an email blast with short tips to anyone and everyone you have successfully closed loans for, past buyers/sellers, tenants. Even more will pass the info along to those friends and family they know will have an interest. Forwarding an email is the easiest way to give someone a message and can be an instant boost to your business.


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