Personal Credit Score Significance

Credit Will Impact Your Financial Future

Having poor credit is the reason why so many consumers are denied credit or struggle with high interest rates on loans, lines, credit cards, and other financing. Getting rejected for the opportunity to attain the dream car, home, college education, or any other life goal, can be extremely frustrating.

Credit scores that are slightly below the score thresholds needed for better pricing on financing can cost individuals hundreds and thousands of dollars in higher rates and fees.  A two point difference from the threshold needed for better financing could cost a one percent increase on an interest rate, which, depending on the loan size could result in hundreds and thousands of dollars extra over the life of a 30 year mortgage.

Acquiring financing can be one of the most important and complex steps toward the future success of an individual or company.

At North Shore Advisory Inc., our goal is to make the financing process as easy as possible as we deliver the best results for your credit profile. A strong credit profile presents many opportunities; clients can have the advantage of negotiating the best prices on real estate, automobiles, loans, credit cards, and lines, in addition to a wealth of other advantages. We want our clients to be subject to the security of being able to control their credit and their lives instead of being crippled by credit issues or lowered scores.

North Shore Advisory, Inc. has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers and companies improve their credit scores and reach their goals. Since the formation of NSA in 1990, our team has continued to be the unsurpassed leader in credit repair, with decades of experience, working nationwide and saving clients millions of dollars.

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