Trying to FIX Business Credit? 5 Things to Know

For busy business owners or managers, there simply are not enough hours in the day for them to deal with the demands of fixing business credit. Many harried business owners and managers turn to a business credit repair company to manage, maintain, and fix their business credit profiles.

5 things to know about fixing business credit

  1. Do your homework: Before working with a company make sure to research them. Do a simple Google search, check for online reviews, a website, and social media pages. Look into the company’s background and experience in fixing business credit.
  2.  Ask about the process and their fees: Transparency is key for any business relationship, but especially when dealing with the sensitive nature of credit repair. Any good company will be upfront about their fees and any costs associated with the process. They should be able to explain the entire process with you so that you know what to expect before investing time or money.
  3. Be wary of promises: credit repair is not the type of service where guarantees should be handed out. The business credit expert should be able to provide you with an estimated timeline for completion but should never make promises or be pushy in their approach. Never trust a business credit repair firm or bureau that claims ONLY they can fix your business credit.
  4. Make sure they do their homework: business credit profiles are complex and unique to the company. You want the firm that you hire to dig deep into your credit reports and provide knowledgeable feedback before taking on the account.
  5. Watch out for impersonators: Business and personal credit are completely different breeds. Make sure you work with a company who has extended experience in fixing business credit. There are some personal credit repair companies who will take on clients thinking that they can repair business credit with the same techniques as personal credit repair. This is entirely untrue and can cause more damage than good to your credit.

If you are speaking with a true expert in business credit repair, you will know it. They will sell the service with their knowledge and expertise of the industry. Unfortunately, the credit repair industry is saturated with companies who talk a big game but are unable to deliver, so be careful who you trust. There are though, a small niche of companies out there that truly understand how to fix business credit.